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A 90-yard punt ; Quadratics

So upon my call last week for quadratic activities, I got a ton of resources in my inbox. I’ll post them soon after I’ve had a chance to look through them. Until then, here’s something I cooked up that could … Continue reading

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Can someone help me with my 5-year-old daughter’s Math homework? (Part 2)

So remember the first part of my quandary about my kid’s math homework from this morning? Well, now I’m on the next question and I’m stuck again. I’m not sure what “do we see” means. Does it mean how many … Continue reading

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Brainstorming Quadratics

I’d like to do for Quadratics what we did with Pythagorean’s Theorem. I put out the call on Pythagorean’s Theorem and had come up with several ideas, only a couple of which were by me. So I’m putting up the … Continue reading

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Can someone help me with my 5-year-old daughter’s Math homework?

I’m being serious. It’s due tomorrow and I have no idea how to answer the following question. Now, the answer to this is obviously “four.” The narrator has four cats. The number of cats his or her friend has is irrelevant to … Continue reading

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Please give your students this quiz, and how big is a “bushel” anyway?

(h/t: Freakonomics blog) The following is an actual test given to 8th grade students in Kansas in 1895, unearthed by the Salina Journal. Please refer to the “arithmetic” section. Here are the “arithmetic” questions and my attempted responses: 1. Name … Continue reading

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The Wacky Algebra of NFL Passer Rating

Artifact The following formula calculates NFL Passer rating. (wiki) (note: each component has a predetermined MAX and MIN value that appeared to be pulled out of thin air.) Personally, I would simply present this equation to students at the beginning … Continue reading

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The Pizza Casbah 30-inch pizza challenge

This is a picture of a single slice of pizza from my favorite pizza place in Fort Collins, Pizza Casbah. My god that looks amazing. I’m getting hungry just looking at it. This is a picture of an entire Pizza … Continue reading

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I really hope my son’s future teachers assign him lots of worksheets

/sarcasm’d Seriously though, this is my just-turned-3 year-old son and he (and thousands like him) are just a couple years away from hitting the public school system like freight trains. Are our schools ready for them? P.S. Here’s his finished … Continue reading

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Facebook and Twitter Math

It was on the Slate Culture Gabfest podcast that I heard the most appropriate, concise, and interesting description of the differences between Facebook and Twitter. It was something like this: Facebook is like a cocktail party, where everyone dresses up, … Continue reading

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‘Readymade’ Suitcase Project (Part 2)

If you didn’t see the intro to this project, check out Part 1. Briefly, I want to make this: Now that I’ve categorized all the items for my travel needs, I need to measure the dimensions to determine the smallest … Continue reading

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