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What I learned in 2011

Two Thousand Eleven was a whirlwind of a year. A year ago at this time I thought I was headed to CU-Boulder to begin a PhD. A couple weeks later, a friend let me know about a job as a … Continue reading

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Attention Math Teachers: Slate has graciously discovered your next project’s always entertaining “The Explainer” segment runs an always-even-more entertaining year-end segment on the Unanswered Questions of the Year in which readers are prompted to vote on the question to be answered (aside: say, that’s a pretty awesome activity for … Continue reading

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A Response to ‘Worst Discount Ever’

On his awesome blog, Mr. Honner recently┬áput forth a terrible discount and solicited worse discounts. This might by cheating somewhat because I found it online, but still…. On the flipside, it is eligible for Amazon Prime shipping.

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Update to previous post on weather: holy cow, WolframAlpha is amazing!

Previously, I tossed out a weekly local temperature plot and asked if you could tell when it started snowing. I also posited that it might be an interesting take periodic motion and/or sine curves. The problem is, not every locale … Continue reading

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