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Underground parking spots cost $30000-$50000 to build in D.C. This smells like a systems problem.

Artifact The Washington City Paper has a (rather lengthy) post on parking in D.C. Fair warning: it’s pretty wonky with zoning rules, ordinances, etc. However, the numbers caught my eye: … An underground parking spot costs between $30,000 and $50,000 … Continue reading

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The FAA wants to “take a fresh look” at rewriting the rules on electronic gadget usage on planes. How many flights equals “a fresh look?”

Artifact Check out this NYTimes article. Apparently there’s some encouraging news for those of us with e-devices, which is everyone: the F.A.A. is going to review the rules for takeoff and landing whilst using particular electronic devices. Surprisingly it appears … Continue reading

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Seven (Sneaky) Activities To Get Your Students Talking Mathematically

So we all know it’s importance. We all understand that students learn more when they do it. The problem is how to facilitate it. “It” is getting students to talk mathematically. As a teacher, you can’t really say “ok kiddos, … Continue reading

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