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More bad Election 2012 related math

I said in my skewering of the Romney campaign’s lack of understanding of Venn Diagrams and how they work that we should be equally harsh against any and all bad math and interpretations thereof during this election season. And, lo … Continue reading

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We must get rid of Algebra because Roger C. Schank can’t behave at parties, knows weird mathematicians.

When Andrew Hacker wrote his “Is Algebra Necessary” article I was basically like But at least it was well written and brought up some good points about math instruction, many of which math instructors actually agree with. Hacker had a fresh … Continue reading

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I’m betting I was was the only person on campus unknowingly carrying around marbles in his backpack this week

I’ve mentioned my son a couple times before on this blog. I’m mesmerized by him and his mode of learning and ways of being. He’s like no person, child or adult, that I’ve ever met. He breaks all molds. I … Continue reading

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Do violent video games cause violence? One Social Studies teacher’s experience teaching Math

(A lot of people have heroes. Many of those heroes are athletes or celebrities. For others, they are cops, firefighters, and teachers. One of mine is Lee Fleming, a co-worker, friend, and inspiration. Lee has taught Social Studies and Spanish. A couple … Continue reading

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Sprinklers, Circles, Sectors and such (my first real foray into Geogebratubing)

First off, I basically stole this from @NatBanting. And when I say “basically”, I mean “entirely.” Here’s the original blog post where you can see his frustratingly boob-shaped backyard. I tried to video my backyard but I didn’t have a … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t Nike+ use math to encourage me to run?

Artifact The Nike+ app, which at the end of my run the other day, looked like this: (editor’s note: yes, I’m slow. Thank you for noticing. Also, along with some encouragement in data format, I had Tim Tebow give me words … Continue reading

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