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Developing a Taxonomy of Problems: Not all problems are implemented equally

Why would we design all problems and facilitation in a similar way without having the type of problem identified? It’s possible I’ve been a bit too broad-brush when describing Problem Based Learning (PrBL) in terms of task design and facilitation. … Continue reading

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Quick math blog reading lifehack: syncing Flipboard and Google Reader

One of the reasons I solicited everyone’s input on the 2012 Math Blogging Retrospectus was because I have such a problem keeping up with the steady stream of quality math blogging that gets posted every day. While I wouldn’t say … Continue reading

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On intersecting periodic functions

I’m reading through Measurement by Paul Lockhart these days. He presents math as something that you just need to “get messy with”. And moreover, suggests that we get messy together in asking ourselves challenging problems and developing clever arguments. Consider … Continue reading

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