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Evaluating energy efficiency claims

Artifact This (or other) energy efficient light bulb package(s). So many opportunities here, depending on how targeted you want to be. Or, if you prefer, what kind of problem you plan to facilitate. There’s a clear nod to systems of … Continue reading

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How does one provide the complex data of global warming to students?

Update (3/12/2013): An atmospheric scientist friend of mine, Katie, suggested a few edits to this post, primarily to clear up a few of the tools listed here. The edits are in bold. My initial thesis on this post was originally … Continue reading

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Taxonomy of Problems (Part 2): Ways and what to assess

In my last post, I tossed out a loose taxonomy to name four different types of problems: Content Learning Problems Exploratory Problems Conceptual Understanding Problems Assessment Problems I felt it necessary for myself. Up until now, I’d been labeling all … Continue reading

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