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Hot Rod Quadratics: Let’s jump this jump!

Artifact Hot Rod is one of those movies that’s incredibly dumb the first time watching it. The second time watching it, it’s still incredibly dumb, but it gets funnier with each passing viewing. It’s basically just an excuse for Andy … Continue reading

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Let them get it wrong: Caloric Quandary

Artifact & Facilitation I must have cylinders on the brain. Maybe because they’re actually one of the few traditional geometric shapes that we actually interact with on a regular basis? Maybe it’s because they’re readily measured? Anyway, here have a … Continue reading

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What? How do YOU spend your two-hour school delays?, Water Content in a Snow Cylinder

As anyone in town for NCTM in Denver know, it’s been a bit snowy here this week. In fact, Fort Collins just had its biggest snowfall of the year. But how big? We had a two hour school delay this … Continue reading

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Here are your Algebra 1 and Geometry Problem Based Learning curriculum maps.

Yes, you can do wall-to-wall PrBL. Yes, you can align your PrBL curriculum to Common Core standards. Yes, you can do it all with the help and goodwill of the math twitterblogosphere. Note that these are just the tasks. They … Continue reading

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Inheriting the wind; these are two of my favorite books about math

Baseball Prospectus I never liked baseball as a kid. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t any good at it. Maybe it’s cause I never went to a professional game. Maybe it’s because it is quite boring when you watch it on … Continue reading

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