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‘Groundhog Day:’ How long has Bill Murray been in Punxsutawney? (Part 2)

Our celebration of Groundhog Day and Groundhog Day continues with our second question about Phil and his time spent in Punsutawney. Artifact This scene from Groundhog Day. Guiding Questions How long has Bill Murray (“Phil”) been practicing throwing cards into … Continue reading

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‘Groundhog Day’ “I’m a god” scene solution

Here’s my attempt at a solution to the previous post on Groundhog Day. In order for Bill Murray (“Phil”) to convince Rita and allow for Rita’s peppering of questions, we have to assume that Phil knows everyone in the┬árestaurant.┬áIt’s tough … Continue reading

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‘Groundhog Day:’ How long has Bill Murray been in Punxsutawney? (Part 1)

Happy Groundhog Day everyone! Brief synopsis of Groundhog Day in case you didn’t know: Bill Murray is trapped in the same, repeating day in perpetuity. How long Murray has been trapped is a question that has plagued mankind since the … Continue reading

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