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Where inquiry and methods intersect

Had a nice, quick twitter conversation with Anna (@borschtwithanna) yesterday morning. Anna reached out with a question about providing methods in an inquiry-based classroom. If you teach PBL or PrBL, do you teach students standard algorithms too? @emergentmath @SchettinoPBL @NatBanting … Continue reading

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Larry Ellison, billionaire CEO, makes unsound business decisions with regards to his basketball playing on his yacht.

Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of Oracle, has gobs and gobs of money. How much money? Well enough that he can do this. Boy that seems wasteful, doesn’t it. I mean, when I’m playing basketball on my yacht and I … Continue reading

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This High School football coach plays “Would You Rather” Math, and so should you

Add “Would You Rather?” to your bookmarks. Phrasing math problems in terms of “Would You Rather” is simple and brilliant. I love this framework for three reasons: 1) It’s relatable. We’ve all wondered whether it’s more efficient to mow the … Continue reading

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If the sun is an 8 foot diameter balloon, what is Pluto?

Artifacts The following clips are cribbed from Nova: The Pluto Files in which Neil deGrasse Tyson sets up a model of the heavenly bodies of our solar system, comparing their sizes relative to the sun and each other. Not all of … Continue reading

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Hot Rod Quadratics: Let’s jump this jump!

Artifact Hot Rod is one of those movies that’s incredibly dumb the first time watching it. The second time watching it, it’s still incredibly dumb, but it gets funnier with each passing viewing. It’s basically just an excuse for Andy … Continue reading

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Let them get it wrong: Caloric Quandary

Artifact & Facilitation I must have cylinders on the brain. Maybe because they’re actually one of the few traditional geometric shapes that we actually interact with on a regular basis? Maybe it’s because they’re readily measured? Anyway, here have a … Continue reading

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What? How do YOU spend your two-hour school delays?, Water Content in a Snow Cylinder

As anyone in town for NCTM in Denver know, it’s been a bit snowy here this week. In fact, Fort Collins just had its biggest snowfall of the year. But how big? We had a two hour school delay this … Continue reading

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Evaluating energy efficiency claims

Artifact This (or other) energy efficient light bulb package(s). So many opportunities here, depending on how targeted you want to be. Or, if you prefer, what kind of problem you plan to facilitate. There’s a clear nod to systems of … Continue reading

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How does one provide the complex data of global warming to students?

Update (3/12/2013): An atmospheric scientist friend of mine, Katie, suggested a few edits to this post, primarily to clear up a few of the tools listed here. The edits are in bold. My initial thesis on this post was originally … Continue reading

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CNET has some TV viewing size/distance recommendations.

Feels like there’s a similarity (and a lot of other stuff) type problem in here. Artifact From CNET:  In a perfect videophile world, you’d want to sit no closer than 1.5 times the screen’s diagonal measurement, and no farther than … Continue reading

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