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Just how silly is a 45-day weather forecast? And while we’re at it, just how good is a 2-day forecast?

Artifact I’ve got bad news for everyone here in the Fort Collins area: there’s a chance of showers on Labor Day (September 2). It’s a shame because the following Monday (September 9) shows a mostly sunny day, with a high … Continue reading

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Based on this plot, can you tell me when it started snowing? Or, can we fit a sine curve to it?

Now, I’m biased of course since I got a MS degree in Atmospheric Science, but I feel like weather and climate is one of the biggest untapped wells of potential math problems. I think there are two reasons for that … Continue reading

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The Energy of a Hurricane: crackpot attempts to mitigate hurricane damage

Here’s a beautiful photo of Hurricane Irene as it makes its way up the East Cost this weekend (tomorrow is Saturday, Sunday comes afterwards). There have been a few¬†hair-brained¬†schemes to mitigate the intensity of a hurricane throughout the years. I … Continue reading

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Let’s crowd-source this ; School closure predictor

A couple weeks ago a fellow New Tech math guru and I travelled to Bowling Green, KY to observe some teacher activities. Sadly, school was iced out such that there was a round of early school closures on Day 1 … Continue reading

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