I’m betting I was was the only person on campus unknowingly carrying around marbles in his backpack this week

I’ve mentioned my son a couple times before on this blog. I’m mesmerized by him and his mode of learning and ways of being. He’s like no person, child or adult, that I’ve ever met. He breaks all molds.

I started classes this past week, my first baby steps toward a PhD. I sit down in my Statistics class, surrounded mostly by 22- or 23- year olds, open up my backpack to fetch a pen and find these.

Most kids make a card or a drawing, but that’s not really Jude’s style. He’s more of a marble and tower kind of guy. But he’s also incredibly affectionate.

Now, I’m sure he didn’t put these marbles in my backpack to say “have a great first day!” He probably just put them in my backpack because that’s the kind of thing he does when he’s deeply involved in marble tower-building and just likes the feel of marbles in his hands. Still, if you don’t mind I’ll go ahead and take it as a reminder of his presence.

Thanks for my good luck marbles, Jude. I’ll probably go ahead and keep them in my backpack for a while.