Since I last blogged about my son’s very normal obsession with technology, this happened:

[Zoodle Pad app for iPad and iPhone]

This was my son’s first experience with an iPad. He immediately began drawing with his finger, followed by him picking up the device and turning it over to see what would happen to the little paint ball.

Rest assured this isn’t and never will be a “look at what my son did!” blog. But he’s a perfect subject when it comes to the onslaught public schools will be facing over the next generation. I’m incredibly excited he’s so into simple manipulation technology at such a young age; I’m also terrified for his teachers if he’s placed in a traditional classroom. I’m already anticipating the notes home telling me how he’s acting out in class, how he won’t sit still.

He’a about 3 and a half now, so he has two years left before he starts Kindergarten. I suppose that serves as a warning to myself and his teachers.

Oh, and then my daughter woke up and decided to get in on the act.


This is about the simplest, free-est app possible and they were mesmerized by it. Couldn’t actual school content be delivered in a similar manner, or through a similar device?

(ed. note: don’t worry, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled, math-related programming very soon.)

2 thoughts on “I really hope my son’s future teacher assigns him lots of worksheets, Part 2

  1. Hi!

    I’m glad to see that your children like Zoodle Pad!

    If you are interested, I would like to send you a promo code for a free download of our new product, Zoodle Pad + for your (and your children’s) review and feedback.


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