I’ll be presenting a few sessions at the PBL and Scaling STEM conference in North Carolina next week. Below are the slide decks I’ll be using along with some resources I’ll be pointing to throughout the sessions. Even if you aren’t going to be there, feel free to peruse the links and resources and send questions or feedback. The session titles and slide decks are listed here. If you want to follow along on twitter, use the hashtag #ScalingSTEM.

There will naturally be some overlap with each of the three sessions, so my apologies for any redundancy you might experience, though I’ve tried to keep the content s0mewhat separate. Still, you’ll no doubt see the thread of having students struggle in order to promote learning stitching this patchwork quilt together. Also, forgive any last minute revisions I make between today and Monday. One last apology: my 8th grade science teacher taught me not to put very many words on slides, so they’re probably pretty digrammy, and maybe not even terribly helpful. I worked hard on the diagrams though!

As is per usual, huge thanks to the incomparable work of Malcolm Swan and Dan Meyer, whose work I’ll often be referencing, crediting, and even facilitating.

PBL Conference

Session slides: Getting Students to Struggle (and Engage) in Mathematics (Updated)

Session slides: Problem Based Learning Planning Session (Updated)

Scaling STEM

Session slides: Toward Developing Mathematical Thinkers: Problem Based Learning (Updated)

Resources and Links

2 thoughts on “Resources for PBL and Scaling STEM Conferences

  1. So glad you have your slide deck here. You can NEVER go wrong putting less words on each slide and going with diagrams. I may even have to point people to these as I start thinking about PBL/PrBL with Middle Schoolers (and younger, I have a school that wants me to come talk to Pre-K/K teachers).

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