Yes, you can do wall-to-wall PrBL. Yes, you can align your PrBL curriculum to Common Core standards. Yes, you can do it all with the help and goodwill of the math twitterblogosphere.

Note that these are just the tasks. They are not the facilitation notes, the scaffolding, the assessment. Just the tasks and problems provided for students that you could potentially work through. Also, this is just the free stuff. So that means no Dana Center, no Mathalicious, though I’d encourage you to check out both resources and consider paying them for the quality work they produce.

Check it out.

And with that, it’s probably time to shutter the Great Inquiry Based Math Curriculum Mapping Project. It hasn’t gotten too much traffic lately. And honestly, we’re past the point of just ideas for problems. It’s time to create and improve them.


2 thoughts on “Here are your Algebra 1 and Geometry Problem Based Learning curriculum maps.

  1. Geoff, Great stuff and I would highly recommend Robert Kaplinsky’s problems as well. Have you thought about doing one for the middle grades?

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