In my session we spent some time doing a Visible Thinking Routine around 5 mathematical tasks, then did a run through of some quick ways to improve or attempt a mathematical task. Here are links to some of the tasks we looked at, and additional ones I provided as models for participants.





  • As always, lots of Dan Meyer shoutouts.
  • Thanks to Theresa Shafer for lending me her computer that has an HDMI connection.

PPT: Equip13 Presentation

5 thoughts on “My session slides for #pcsceQuip13: Designing Mathematical Tasks

  1. This is dynamite, Geoff. Hard to find people blogging re PD these days. Help me out: do you have them read the literature in the session? For homework?

    1. Thanks Dan. For this one hour session I didn’t get too deep into the texts, just sort of presented some select quotes and followed up with links to the source documents. In the past I’ve done protocols to deconstruct texts. For several different texts I’ve used the block party protocol I reference in my precious post. For one larger text I’ll use the Final Word protocol.

      I’ve never assigned homework – though I admit oftentimes tempted to just say “ok everyone, instead of listening to me prattle on, for the next hour let’s just read Malcom Swan articles.”

  2. Geoff,
    I only recently stumbled upon your resources, and I find them extremely valuable. I love the organization of your slide deck because it points me to resources I can search on my own time, and gives me examples of actionable strategies I can take and use in my class or instructional materials. This is a fabulous format. Thank you for sharing.

    Enjoy work,

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