Ha. Funnily enough my father tacked this on to an email I received from him this morning, coming on the heels of my defense of the real-world.

I enjoyed this decidedly non-real-world problem and thought you might too.

 Consider a unit square that encloses a unit equilateral triangle:
As shown, the area of the  square is 1, and the area of the triangle is sqrt(3)/2.  What is the largest equilateral triangle that can be inscribed in the square?

Happy problem solving, everyone!

2 thoughts on “A quick aside from the real-world and my real-world post

  1. Symmetry got me one vertex at a vertex of the square.
    the rest is based on cos(30) = 2 x square(cos(15)) – 1
    no tables !
    result : side of triangle is 1.0718 or so
    area = (root 3 over 4) x side squared

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