This post is for all you Italian BMT heads out there.

For the month of April 2023, Subway customers have the option of purchasing a “Subway Footlong Pass” for $15. You then get 50% off all (I think) Subway sandwiches for the month (digital orders only).

Purchase YourFootlong Pass NowPurchase a $15 Pass and get 50% Off one Footlong per day during the entire month of April. Limited passes available. Must be a Subway MyWay® Rewards member to purchase. Discount is redeemable only in the Subway® App or online.

Please don’t look down on me, but I get Subway kinda every-so-often. There’s one within walking distance of my house. It’s conveniently located next to a brewery that allows you to bring food in. And its optionality serves all the various dietary restrictions in my household (vegetarian, dairy-free for two). Look, I know it’s not the highest quality meats and cheese, and their bread is part yoga-mat. Whatever, as far as fast food goes, it’s probably better than most.

But is a month of 50% off subs worth $15? Let’s find out.

KnowNeed to Know
Subway card costs $15
We get half off a sub for each order
What does a subway sub typically cost?
How often do I want Subway sandwiches?
How many days are in April?\
Next Steps
Research how much Subway sandwiches cost (website? local advertisement?)
Create a table showing the total cost with a card and not a card
It’s important to have students identify immediate next steps that everyone can follow.

Ok so let’s take a look at Subway’s offerings….

We are indeed a long way from $5 footlongs! Even a Cold Cut Combo is $10? Inflation I tell ya. Some subs even get well into the double digit range for prices!

The good thing about these is, I bet I could make these into two meals. Which, according to the Onion, I probably should have been doing all along.

The average price for a sub looks roughly to be around $11. Let’s tack on another buck in case I splurge for the occasional Frontcourt Feast from Charles Barkley ™.

Now we make a table.

Subway sandwich in April #Total Cost50% off price%50 off price plus a $15 card

It looks like my Subway card would pay off for itself after just three subs. Is that too much Subway?

NOTE: as I mentioned, the Subway sandwich experience is often a family affair. BUT the sub card is only good for one Subway sandwich per day. So If I’m buying subs for the whole family, I’d only get one of my four subs discounted. Three visits (and 12 subs) to Subway seems like a lot of Subway. But hey, at least we’re eating fresh.

Another option would be to meal plan (or have students meal plan) precisely for the month and create a more accurate table.

Subway sandwich in April #Total Cost50% off price%50 off price plus a $15 card
#1 Cold Cut Combo$$6$
#2 Italian BMT$$12$
#3 Frontcourt Feast$$$
#4 Veggie Delight$$$

And now to assess the responses with a rubric. Let’s draw from my SMP rubric. As I recommend with rubrics, let’s draw from one or two indicators, rather than all of them.

Subway Sub Card Task Rubric

[Google Doc Version]

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