Welcome to the Necessary Conditions Card Sets Order page. Presumably, you’re here to snag some of these beautiful cards. I print and ship them at near cost ($27 per set). There are 45 cards in each deck which covers the three primary concepts in Necessary Conditions: Academic Safety, Quality Tasks, and Effective Facilitation. In addition, there is a set of Intro cards and Assessment cards.

I can accept payment a few different ways:

  • Venmo. My Venmo handle is @geoffkrall. Just multiply the number of sets you’d like by $27 and be sure to let me know where to ship them.
  • Paypal direct ordering. You can do that here. There will be a place to include shipping info upon payment.

Necessary Conditions Card Sets

Each card set contains 45 color cards, front-and-back that covers concepts in 'Necessary Conditions' by Geoff Krall. Each set costs $27.00 (shipping included).


If if those aren’t your jam, email me (gmkrall@gmail.com) and we can work by check.

I’ll also send an invoice to your preferred email for each purchase.