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I really hope my son’s future teachers assign him lots of worksheets

/sarcasm’d Seriously though, this is my just-turned-3 year-old son and he (and thousands like him) are just a couple years away from hitting the public school system like freight trains. Are our schools ready for them? P.S. Here’s his finished … Continue reading

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Post-it Notes animation

Artifact This video of some amazing stop-motion animation using post-its dubbed ‘Deadline.’ Guiding Questions How long did this take? What’s the time-length of each frame? How many post-its were used? How many of each color? Something about coordinate transformation? Can … Continue reading

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A single robot-made rainbow ; what does it mean?

Artifact This amazing video of a rainbow-painting robot. (h/t: Science Friday.) Guiding Questions How much paint did this guy need of each color? What’s the radius of the rainbow? or, What’s the length of the arm that moves in a … Continue reading

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