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Thought Experiment: I bet you could teach an entire math course with this one graph.

Or at least a huge chunk of an Algebra, Stats, and/or Pre-Cal course.

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Do NFL teams actually use that draft pick chart when trading draft picks?

The 2011 National Football League draft of players is tomorrow, and I was inspired by a really interesting post over on Mr. Honner’s blog regarding the NFL Draft Pick Trade Value chart and exponential decay. The gist is this: somewhere, … Continue reading

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Can you predict how many followers @charliesheen has right now? ; Exponential growth? (Part 1)

Sometime on March 1, 2011, Charlie Sheen joined twitter at the suggestion of Piers Morgan, who is¬†apparently¬†some type of person. By the time I was alerted of the existence of a @charliesheen twitter feed, it was 4:04 PM Mountain Standard … Continue reading

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