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Just how high was the Big Thompson Flood? And how often will a flood like that occur?

Recently, the family and I were taking in an afternoon in Boulder, CO. After taking in a lunch at the lovely Dushanbe Tea Room we took a stroll along Boulder Creek. Right by a retaining wall stands this object. This … Continue reading

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If the sun is an 8 foot diameter balloon, what is Pluto?

Artifacts The following clips are cribbed from Nova: The Pluto Files in which Neil deGrasse Tyson sets up a model of the heavenly bodies of our solar system, comparing their sizes relative to the sun and each other. Not all of … Continue reading

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Let them get it wrong: Caloric Quandary

Artifact & Facilitation I must have cylinders on the brain. Maybe because they’re actually one of the few traditional geometric shapes that we actually interact with on a regular basis? Maybe it’s because they’re readily measured? Anyway, here have a … Continue reading

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CNET has some TV viewing size/distance recommendations.

Feels like there’s a similarity (and a lot of other stuff) type problem in here. Artifact From CNET:  In a perfect videophile world, you’d want to sit no closer than 1.5 times the screen’s diagonal measurement, and no farther than … Continue reading

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Red Solo Cup / I Lift You Up / Let’s Find the Volume! / Let’s Find the Volume!

Hat tip to @mathhombre. Artifact The red Solo cup, apparently. Guiding Questions What are those little markings between 12 oz and “Top Me Off, Bro”? Can you use proportions to find it? Similar polygons? Volume? Help me out here. Can … Continue reading

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The Pizza Casbah 30-inch pizza challenge

This is a picture of a single slice of pizza from my favorite pizza place in Fort Collins, Pizza Casbah. My god that looks amazing. I’m getting hungry just looking at it. This is a picture of an entire Pizza … Continue reading

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Pythagoras and Pele; Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaa… (to be continued)

…ooooaaaaalllll! There’s about a hundred different ways you could use the following artifacts to construct a lesson around Pythagorean’s Theorem. So I’ll just toss out all the artifacts and let you, esteemed teacher, take it from there. I’d love to … Continue reading

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