About Coaching Cycles

Coaching Cycles are the most labor and intellectually intensive PD options. However, they are also the most likely to induce long-lasting change for the student math experience.

For a coaching cycle, a school partners with Geoff to co-identify goals, on-site dates, remote dates and other information to establish a semester- or year-long support plan. Coaching involves combinations of workshop-style PD, classroom observations, student interviews, one-on-one time, facilitating small learning communities, and communicating with school/district leadership. Coaching cycles are highly customized based on the school/district needs and constraints as well as Geoff’s commitments.

Coaching has a relationship-building aspect that other PD options may lack. Over time, a coach develops rapport and interpersonal relationships to best spp

A common cycle of coaching might look like the following:

Before on-site Day 1Conversation with leadership to get a sense of the school context and staff needs
Implementation of math mindset and attitudes survey for students.
Remote introduction to math department
On-site Day 2Workshop custom tailored to teacher needs as well as the following beginning-of-year activities
— Establishing yearlong norms and routines
— Fostering persistent problem-solvers
— Managing productive groupwork
Between on-site Day 1 and 2Remote support for teachers in identifying and adapting high quality tasks
Facilitate monthly departmental meetings
Analysis of survey data with leadership team
On-site day 2Observation of classroom teachers
One-on-one coaching sessions with teachers
Interview with student panel
Debrief with leadership
Between on-site Day 2 and 3Remote individualized support for teachers, offering feedback (likes, wonders, and next steps)
Suggestions for follow-up tasks, facilitation moves and adherence to academic safety
On-site day 3Analysis of student work
Design a system of peer feedback
After on-site day 3Invitation for remote teacher support for remainder of the school year, in the form of video/phone sessions or email 

Geoff has been supporting teachers and departments in the form of cognitive and relational coaching for years. Geoff’s coaching cycle is informed by dozens of semester- and year-long coaching experiences with all types of schools: urban, rural, suburban, private, public, etc. This PD option might work well for you if you’re looking to provide intensive support for a cohort of novice or veteran teachers over the course of a semester or school year.

Interested in learning more about Geoff’s coaching cycles? Feel free to get in touch to discuss to see if this option is right for your school or district.

“Everyone we work with knows a lot more and can do a lot more than we think. It’s our job as coaches to find out what it is that they know, care about, can do, and are committed to, and then to use that information to help them move their practice.” – Elena Aguilar, The Art of Coaching

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