The Dog Days of Fall

It happened very suddenly. I swear just a few days ago all the leaves were green. As I was driving yesterday I was struck by the preponderance of orange, red, and amber leaves. I also noticed that many leaves were fluttering about. Maybe it was on Wednesday, but at some point this week we unofficially transitioned into Autumn.

Due to the condensed university calendar this means I’m about halfway through the semester. This means papers and presentations with an eye towards the Spring semester.

One of the unexpected challenges I am anticipating is the removal of afternoons from my calendar. You see, unlike earlier in the Fall, I was able to conclude my evening classes and enjoy a walk to reset my brain. Now that the sunset is earlier in the evenings I’ll be entering my online classes while it’s light and concluding them while it’s dark. This will be especially true once Daylight Saving Time ends.

So while Fall is my favorite season – the colors, the food, the weather – I am lamenting a quite different autumnal experience this year. I shall have to ensure that I get my regular dosage of Vitamin D during the day as much as possible.