About Geoff’s Keynote Speaking

Keynotes are an opportunity to inspire teachers and offer a few, simple actionable next-steps on a singular theme.

Geoff in an experienced and impassioned speaker. He has delivered addresses at conferences on various topics to various audiences, in-person and remotely. Typically, Geoff offers breakout sessions accompanying each keynote address so participants may dig deeper into the material. Check out Geoff’s topics below.

The Care Gap (60-90 minutes)

Students enter our classrooms with layers and layers of mathematical baggage. Students receive years of implicit and explicit messages about their identity as mathematicians. How can we ensure that each student feels welcomed by a discipline that can so often feel unwelcoming? How can we make sure students don’t fall through the care gap?

In this talk, Geoff Krall will illuminate some of the factors that go into a student’s mathematical identity. Sharing stories of students and mathematicians from history, he’ll discuss factors such as implicit bias, stereotype threat, and other barriers that have traditionally made math the “gatekeeper” of education. And how we can take strategic approaches through care and content to close the care gap. 

Assessment: then, now, and moving forward (60-90 minutes)

The field of school assessment is at a crossroads. High stakes accountability measures are coming under fire from teachers, parents, students, and researchers. But what alternatives exist? What are the next steps in assessment and will they result in more equitable outcomes for students?

The story of assessment in the U.S. is the story of public education itself. In order to understand the present day reality of assessment, this talk draws upon the rich, yet troubled history of assessment from the 19th century to today. From early college admissions to No Child Left Behind to the abrupt cessation of tests during the COVID-19 pandemic, Geoff will plot the history of assessment with an eye towards where we can go next. 

The talk will illuminate gaps and biases in our current testing regimes, while giving participants actionable next steps towards instituting their own quality assessments that enhance student learning. 

Inquiry: Plain and Tall (60-90 minutes)

Most initiatives for inquiry start grand and never come down. Even though the goals are noble, inquiry can be intimidating for teachers and students alike. What if we made inquiry a daily practice with easily approachable routines and lessons? This talk will illuminate the “why” and “how” for incorporating inquiry into math class in a way that is approachable for everyone. This talk will offer tasks and strategies that encourage inquiry from a practical, implementable standpoint, while keeping an eye on potential larger inquiry projects and all they have to offer.

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