Just like I did for April’s PBL and STEM conferences in North Carolina, I’m posting all the slide decks (as they currently exist) for my sessions at the New Tech Annual Conference next week right here. Whether you’re a New Tech teacher or not I hope you find them helpful and/or informative.

I also want to give credit where credit is due, which is pretty much everywhere. I grabbed resources, pictures, videos, and/or ideas from the following places, so you can follow-up or go thank them yourselves.


Session Slides: Toward Mathematical Thinking: Problem Based Learning. Sort of a PrBL 101 session. Overview of the WHAT and WHY of Problem Based Learning.

Session Slides: FALs 2.0: Spanning Math Content and Concepts. A review of the new materials published by the Mathematics Assessment Project and how it fits into a Problem Based Math class.

Session Slides: Promoting Mathematical Conflict: Eight Tasks That Produce Mathematical Discourse. Basically, an updated version of this right here, with a couple templates for in-class manipulatives:

Session Slides: PrBL Breakout Session. For the New Teacher track. Sort of like the Problem Based Learning session above, this is specifically for new New Tech Network teachers. 

2 thoughts on “Resources and slides for my #NTAC12 sessions

  1. I’ve flipped through the three ppts – would love to see a clip of you presenting either these or something similar? can you direct me to a video clip anywhere?

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