One of the reasons I solicited everyone’s input on the 2012 Math Blogging Retrospectus was because I have such a problem keeping up with the steady stream of quality math blogging that gets posted every day.

While I wouldn’t say I’ve entirely solved the problem, I do have a quick little lifehack I’d like to share that (so far) has allowed me to keep relatively up to speed on the fast-n-furious math blogging action.

That lifehack starts with the Flipboard app, available and free on iPad, iPhone, Kindles, Nooks, and Androids. It ends with Google Reader.

1) Download Flipboard for free on whatever device you use.

2) Toss every math blog you like to read into the Google Reader Subscriber. DON’T start tossing in other lesser blogs or NY Times ‘The Caucus’ or anything like that. Nothing that generates that much content, please. Use something else for that. We’re devoting our entire Google Reader to Math Blogs, thankyouverymuch.


3) Sync Google Reader to your Flipboard, and voila! You can quickly catch up on the days’ reads you missed. You can flip through quickly, looking for topics of interest or cool cover photos.


photo 1

Bonus) Speaking of the 2012 Math Blogging Retrospectus, remember how difficult it was to go back through the year and find stuff from, like, February? Well, let’s use the ability to “star” your favorite posts in one touch.

photo 2

This way, in December of this year, when I solicit your favorite reads from the year, you won’t have to go searching. Start favoriting now! Be proactive and such! And you’ll have it for yourself, which is always nice.

photo 3

So that’s how I’m keeping myself on top of my math blog reading thus far this year. If you don’t use this technique, I highly recommend having some technique. Because there’s so much good stuff going on out there, you don’t want to miss it.

3 thoughts on “Quick math blog reading lifehack: syncing Flipboard and Google Reader

  1. This is interesting. So far I have taken to subscribing to the blogs I am interested in and I receive emails whenever a new post has come out. Have you found that some blogs don’t offer that option? What do you do when you want to post a comment? How many blogs are you subscribed to (as obviously email would start to become less manageable when you leave single digits).?

    1. Yeah I took the subscription route, but, like you said, it tends to fill up the inbox pretty quickly. And the Flipboard app is nice because you can … well… flip through quickly. You can comment by going to the original blog post, which Flipboard allows you to do at the bottom of every page.


  2. Thanks so much for the suggestion…started using google reader last week but I love it combined with Flipboard!

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