Here is a crowd-sourced selection of some of the inspiring, creative and touching math blog posts from 2012, my Math Blogging Retrospectus 2012. I asked for some reading material over winter break and colleagues commented on some of the math blogging material that stuck out to them in 2012. Here are those blog posts collected and aggregated in one single document.

Obviously there are drawbacks to a static medium such as a document, but the hyperlinks are still good so you can click and explore each post in its original Web 2.0 glory. Perhaps downloading it to your favorite e-reader might be a decent way to take in this mammoth archive of mathy goodness. Otherwise, you could sneak into your school’s work lounge late at night and use up your school’s precious paper and ink toner like crazy.

I’d like to point out: this is just the tip of the ice-berg! It’s merely a collection of posts from people who happened to come across my post in a week span and happened to comment or tweet me. There are hundreds of other great posts and authors of posts. This is a start, it’s not comprehensive, let alone exhaustive.

Thanks to everyone who submitted the blog posts, and of course to those who wrote them.


math blogging venn


Starting Over From Scratch, Jeff … 6
A Memo From Right Now, Kate … 7
Start… Continue… Stop, @druinok …  8
You are a Girl. Female, Fawn …  9
A Come to Jesus Meeting, Matt …  10
Kitchen Table Konversations, Chris …  13
The Best Thing, David …  16
Mr. Elephante and Repeating Decimals, Justin …  16
File Cabinet, Andrew …  17
7 Best, 5 Worst, Michael …  20
Ninja Board Update, Jeff …  25
Waiting for Gratitude, Cheesemonkey …  28


Mystery Teacher Theater 2000, John …  30
White on Problem Solving: Why, Raymond …  30
Why Algebra Matters and Technology Can Help, Dan …  32
Be the Student for 101qs, Andrew …  39
What to do With All The Technologies, Kate …  42
Doing Mathematics: The Trouble With Assessment, Bryan …  43
Habits of a Mathematician: Portfolio Assessment, Bryan …  43
Keep it Simple Standards Based Grading, Frank …  45
Roger C Schank Can’t Behave at Parties, Geoff …  48
Homework is a tool, Marshall …  52
What if we gave them the answers?, Dave …  54
Stolen Pedagogy, Megan …  55
My 3 Favorite Math Whiteboarding Models, Bowman …  57
An Interview with Steve Strogatz, Wiggins …  59


Whiteboarding Mistake Game, Kelly …  64
Algebra Bootcamp in Calculus, Sam …  73
Logic Game that needs a name, Kate …  76
Sprinkler Task, Nat …  80
Factor Dominoes Game, Malke …  83
3 Acts: Broken Calculator, Timon …  87
Bike Trail Task, Nat …  89
Building a Better Taco Cart, Dan …  92
1,400 Rectangles, Dan …  97
Hierarchy of Hexagons, Christopher …  99
Teaching an Old World Problem New Tricks, Nico …  103
Best Formative Assessment Ever, Terrance …  108
Story Math: Square Numbers, Malke …  109
Hours of Entertainment, Kate … 112
The Only Lesson They’ll Remember, Matt …  113

Editable .doc version: Math Blogging Retrospectus 2012

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