The start of the school year offers a unique time in the academic calendar to obtain some baseline data on how your students view themselves as mathematicians and the discipline of math itself. Most beginning-of-year info sheets solicit information about students’ passions and/or guardians’ phone numbers. This year, I encourage you to ask some questions about math itself. Encourage kids to be honest: What do they like about the subject? What do they dislike? How do they (or do they) view themselves as mathematicians?

The following is a sample card from the Academic Safety Card Set based on Necessary Conditions.

I encourage a mix of free-write prompts and quantitate prompts. Here is a link to a Math Mindsets and Attitudes Survey I created and had a few schools implement.

This mix of free response and Agree / Disagree / Neutral/Not Sure gave us good, actionable data in the form of word jumbles and data around students’ mathematical identity.

You can access the PDF of the survey and facilitation guide from the companion website to my book, Necessary Conditions.

If you’d like the google form of the survey, send me a message and I can make a copy and share it. I’m also happy to help you break down and make sense of the data.

35 thoughts on “Math Mindset and Attitudes Survey

  1. I would really love the google form of the survey! My work email is and if you share it there, I can do the whole google suite thing.  BTW – love your stuff, been following you for 6 or 7 years… Hannah Stanford

    1. Hi Hannah – thank you for the kind words. I just sent your own copy of the survey which you can use or modify to suit your needs. – geoff

  2. Hi Geoff – I would love a copy of the google form of the survey. Thanks so much for offering it up. I do a variety of things at the start of the year to get a better understanding of my students, and some of your prompts and questions would be a great addition! Thanks. – Beth

      1. Oh and, uh, watch out for the typo in Section 6. Thanks to Hannah for catching. I’ve made the correction in the master copy but yours probably still has it…..

  3. Hi Geoff!
    (1) I would ALSO love a copy of the google form of the survey.
    (2) For some reason, when I click the link to the PDF and facilitator guide, nothing happens.


    1. Hi Shira – can you send me the email to send it to?

      As for the PDF – it’s weird, but you actually have to click on the letters “PDF” (even though it’s not underlined and doesn’t appear hyperlinked)

    1. Hi Hari- I just sent you a copy that you can edit. I think the question you post would yield some interesting results/responses. Let me know how it goes!

  4. Hi Geoff, I love the mindset survey. Any chance you can send me the electronic version so my students can complete it on their chromebooks? Thanks so much!

    1. Sure thing. Send me your email address and I’ll make you a copy. You can either reply here or email me if you’re uncomfortable sharing your email in a comment thread (

  5. Hello! Please send me a copy of the Google Forms survey (Math Mindsets). I usually complete an activity similar to this with my students but love the idea of open-ended questions. Thank you in advance! Monica

    1. Hi Julianne – can you post your email so I can share it with you? Alternatively, you can send your email via the “Contact” link. Cheers! – geoff

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