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How do you take a sprawling tome like Necessary Conditions and turn it into digestible, actionable bites? One way is to read it chapter by chapter vis-a-vis a study guide. Another is to comb through the Review section in each chapter and identify one thing to focus on for the next week. Another is with these cards.

I was inspired by a training I attended from the National Equity Project. They have these elegant Liberatory design cards that are a mix of content delivery and potential do-nows. I decided to make some for Necessary Conditions and try using them at some of my conference and PD sessions. For each of the three pillars of the book, I created a card set filled with concepts, follow-up resources, and do-nows.

“[These cards] just saved us planning our PLCs now!” – Instructional Coach, CA

“The Necessary Conditions cards were wildly helpful! They made very large and overwhelming concepts bite-sized and I’m so excited to work through them!” – Secondary Teacher, OR

I’ve gotten pretty good responses from my own facilitation and from those who’ve used them for their own PD. So I thought I’d make them available more widely. You can also check out some ideas on how to use these in professional development here: Card Set Facilitation Guide.

There are 45 cards, color, front-and-back, on heavy card stock. I use a local print company (Inkworks) as they’ve delivered beautiful looking and feeling cards at a lower cost than any print chains in a timely manner. Currently, there are nine Academic Safety cards (Ch. 2 & 3), sixteen Quality Task cards (Ch. 4 & 5), and ten Effective Facilitation cards (Ch. 6 & 7). In addition, there are two Intro cards (with suggested facilitation moves) and eight Assessment cards (Ch. 10).

The card sets are about $29 to print and ship. I’m still figuring out and testing ways to ship them more cheaply. The goal is to get actionable practices in the hands of teachers that will result in awesome math experiences for students.

If you’re interested in obtaining a set check out my order page. You’re always welcome to email me directly (gmkrall@gmail.com) as well.