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Update 3/25/2022: Revisions to the card sets include the following:

  • Added QR codes to replace URLs so you can scan the cards with your phone to take you to direct links.
  • Added links to several resources, including Math Mindset survey, sample rubrics, and other activities.
  • Removed a few cards and replaced them with other concepts, including Anchor Problems and Lesson Planning. Overall the number of cards shrank to 36 to reduce printing and shipping costs.
  • Cleaned up a few typos and formatting issues.

How do you take a sprawling tome like Necessary Conditions and turn it into digestible, actionable bites? One way is to read it chapter by chapter vis-a-vis a study guide. Another is to comb through the Review section in each chapter and identify one thing to focus on for the next week. Another is with these cards.

I was inspired by a training I attended from the National Equity Project. They have these elegant Liberatory design cards that are a mix of content delivery and potential do-nows. I decided to make some for Necessary Conditions and try using them at some of my conference and PD sessions. For each of the three pillars of the book, I created a card set filled with concepts, follow-up resources, and do-nows.

“[These cards] just saved us planning our PLCs now!” – Instructional Coach, CA

“The Necessary Conditions cards were wildly helpful! They made very large and overwhelming concepts bite-sized and I’m so excited to work through them!” – Secondary Teacher, OR

I’ve gotten pretty good responses from my own facilitation and from those who’ve used them for their own PD. So I thought I’d make them available more widely. You can also check out some ideas on how to use these in professional development here: Card Set Facilitation Guide.

There are 36 cards, color, front-and-back, on heavy card stock. I use a local print company (Inkworks) as they’ve delivered beautiful looking and feeling cards at a lower cost than any print chains in a timely manner. Currently, there are seven Academic Safety cards (Ch. 2 & 3), fourteen Quality Task cards (Ch. 4 & 5), and nine Effective Facilitation cards (Ch. 6 & 7). In addition, there is one Intro card (with suggested facilitation moves) and five Assessment cards (Ch. 10).

The card sets are $31 to print and ship.

If you’re interested in obtaining a set check out my order page. You’re always welcome to email me directly (gmkrall@gmail.com) as well.