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My $100 Super Bowl Pick Pack

Now that we’ve heard from Drew, I’ll toss out a few picks that I think are smart mathematically. (Editors note: Don’t gamble on sports. Don’t do it. It’s incredibly stupid. Never, ever use real money to bet on sports. This … Continue reading

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One person’s $100 Super Bowl Pick Pack

(note: that does not imply that he’s picking the Pack.) Based on our discussion on Friday’s Super Bowl prop bet post , we thought a fun, and possibly marginally educational, activity would be to let students (and teachers!) have $100 … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl is 100/1 odds to be in the 71+ point range; is that a good bet? columnist Bill Simmons and fellow sports gambling addict Cousin Sal had their annual Super Bowl prop bets podcast where they discussed the best gambling deals of this Sunday’s Super Bowl (if gambling were legal, *ahem*). Aside: if you haven’t … Continue reading

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