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More math food blogging: I may need some help from my Southern friends.

I think I may have an eating problem. Or just a eating mathematically problem. Here’s my problem today. Delicious, delicious pigs-in-a-blanket (from Pigs-in-a-blanket, for the uninitiated, are little hot dog/sausage type things warmly embraced by crescent rolls dough. In … Continue reading

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Sprinklers, Circles, Sectors and such (my first real foray into Geogebratubing)

First off, I basically stole this from @NatBanting. And when I say “basically”, I mean “entirely.” Here’s the original blog post where you can see his frustratingly boob-shaped backyard. I tried to video my backyard but I didn’t have a … Continue reading

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Red Solo Cup / I Lift You Up / Let’s Find the Volume! / Let’s Find the Volume!

Hat tip to @mathhombre. Artifact The red Solo cup, apparently. Guiding Questions What are those little markings between 12 oz and “Top Me Off, Bro”? Can you use proportions to find it? Similar polygons? Volume? Help me out here. Can … Continue reading

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Can we make an even “edgier” brownie pan? What about the “perfect” brownie pan?

Artifact This, my friends, is part math, part food, part art, all deliciousness: It’s the all edge brownie pan, which I found from my new Favorite Website of All Time, Reasons to Go Broke. Here’s the description from the Amazon … Continue reading

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How can we measure the egregiousness of gerrymandering? Geometry, Perimeter, and Area

Artifacts This NY Times article/interview conducted by’s Nate Silver and David Wasserman, House editor of the Cook Political Report. Particularly this snippet: And/or this slideshow from Slate showing the most gerrymandered congressional districts in the nation. Here’s my favorite … Continue reading

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So, what exactly am I supposed to eat? The new MyPlate icon vs. the classic Food Pyramid vs. Geometry.

A month ago, I was considering writing a post on the old (now “old, OLD”) food pyramid – you know, the one we all grew up with – and the new (now “old”) food pyramid, unleashed in 2005. It would … Continue reading

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The Pizza Casbah 30-inch pizza challenge

This is a picture of a single slice of pizza from my favorite pizza place in Fort Collins, Pizza Casbah. My god that looks amazing. I’m getting hungry just looking at it. This is a picture of an entire Pizza … Continue reading

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‘Readymade’ Suitcase Project (Part 2)

If you didn’t see the intro to this project, check out Part 1. Briefly, I want to make this: Now that I’ve categorized all the items for my travel needs, I need to measure the dimensions to determine the smallest … Continue reading

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How do you slice this? ; Papa John’s heart-shaped pizza

Artifact This perplexing Valentine’s Day themed pizza shape from Papa John’s. In case you’re wondering, I was not able to find an actual size of the pizza on their website. Only this:

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Post-it Notes animation

Artifact This video of some amazing stop-motion animation using post-its dubbed ‘Deadline.’ Guiding Questions How long did this take? What’s the time-length of each frame? How many post-its were used? How many of each color? Something about coordinate transformation? Can … Continue reading

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