This perplexing Valentine’s Day themed pizza shape from Papa John’s.

In case you’re wondering, I was not able to find an actual size of the pizza on their website. Only this:

I was able to find this though:

This begs a few more questions.

Guiding Questions

  • Does this give you more or less pizza than a typical, round pizza?
  • How much more crust are you being saddled with by purchasing this shape pizza? Do we need extra tubs of garlic butter fat?
  • How do you slice this thing?
  • Can we determine the area of the pizzas knowing A) the cost of a regular, circular pizza and their areas and B) the pricing difference between a one-topping heart pizza + cinnaple (?) and two heart shaped one-topping pizzas? Or at least, can we determine the size they should be?
  • How do you describe the size of a heart shape?
  • How much more money on a per pizza basis does Papa John’s get from such a specialty pizza? (I’m assuming you get less pizza per dollar with a heart shape)

Suggested activities

  • Students research how to find the area of a heart-shape.
  • Students decide whether or not this is a “good deal” for the price.
  • Students come up with other ridiculous shapes for holiday themed-pizzas (i.e. football shape for Super Bowl Sunday, evergreen shape for Christmas), find the area, perimeter (crust) and develop a pricing scheme.
  • Order a pizza and sample for yourself. Better than flowers.

Side note: if anyone does decide to order this for dinner tonight. Please think of me and email me pertinent measurements and pictures so I can repost them.

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