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Area, Overlap, and Sandwich Meat Efficiency

I find myself writing about food a lot on this here blog. I’m starting to wonder if one could construct a whole thematic unit around the Math of Food. Or create a “meal” from appetizer, main course, and desert items. … Continue reading

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Sprinklers, Circles, Sectors and such (my first real foray into Geogebratubing)

First off, I basically stole this from @NatBanting. And when I say “basically”, I mean “entirely.” Here’s the original blog post where you can see his frustratingly boob-shaped backyard. I tried to video my backyard but I didn’t have a … Continue reading

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How can we measure the egregiousness of gerrymandering? Geometry, Perimeter, and Area

Artifacts This NY Times article/interview conducted by’s Nate Silver and David Wasserman, House editor of the Cook Political Report. Particularly this snippet: And/or this slideshow from Slate showing the most gerrymandered congressional districts in the nation. Here’s my favorite … Continue reading

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So, what exactly am I supposed to eat? The new MyPlate icon vs. the classic Food Pyramid vs. Geometry.

A month ago, I was considering writing a post on the old (now “old, OLD”) food pyramid – you know, the one we all grew up with – and the new (now “old”) food pyramid, unleashed in 2005. It would … Continue reading

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The Pizza Casbah 30-inch pizza challenge

This is a picture of a single slice of pizza from my favorite pizza place in Fort Collins, Pizza Casbah. My god that looks amazing. I’m getting hungry just looking at it. This is a picture of an entire Pizza … Continue reading

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How do you slice this? ; Papa John’s heart-shaped pizza

Artifact This perplexing Valentine’s Day themed pizza shape from Papa John’s. In case you’re wondering, I was not able to find an actual size of the pizza on their website. Only this:

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A single robot-made rainbow ; what does it mean?

Artifact This amazing video of a rainbow-painting robot. (h/t: Science Friday.) Guiding Questions How much paint did this guy need of each color? What’s the radius of the rainbow? or, What’s the length of the arm that moves in a … Continue reading

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Pythagoras and Pele; Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaa… (to be continued)

…ooooaaaaalllll! There’s about a hundred different ways you could use the following artifacts to construct a lesson around Pythagorean’s Theorem. So I’ll just toss out all the artifacts and let you, esteemed teacher, take it from there. I’d love to … Continue reading

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Is there anything cooler than a math tattoo? (A: yes, pretty much everything)

As I mentioned last time, the Pythagorean Theorem is a difficult concept to have students discover intuitively. So we’re focusing on it specifically this week. If you have any activities or ideas, please let me know. Or tweet it to … Continue reading

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