Resources and semi-structured agenda for Geoff’s portfolio workshop

Links to Workshop Resources

Other Resources
Slide Deck for the Presentation
Geoff’s NCTM:MTLT article “Student Math Portfolios: A How To”
Select Blog Posts on Assessment

Geoff’s Common Core Standards of Mathematical Practice Rubric
Your Student Portfolio System Begins Now
Portfolio Problems: Rebuilding Assessment with Rich Tasks
Assessment via Audibles
Chapter 10 of Necessary Conditions

5 minutesIntroductions
5 minutesWhy are you here?
5 minutesPotential motivators
10 minutesPortfolio story
Growth mindset vs. tests
College admission & admission coaches
Essential ingredients to a portfolio system
15 minutes2020 exploratory study
Profiles in Portfolios
Read and discuss
15 minutesData dive on the exploratory study
20 minutesDiscuss design parameters
10 minutesDescribe current study: SWOT analysis