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Monday (11/2/2020)

In 2016 on the eve of the election I was in Texas at a school. I was there to support teachers. We did some analysis of student work, some observations of classrooms, and discussed the trajectory of the school with administrators.

There was also an air of existential dread. 

The school was in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood in Dallas. Most of the faculty and student body were latino/a. Everyone was doing their job, but the air of the election hung thick in the air. It was quite challenging to concentrate. 

The day after the election I was chatting with their instructional coach about the mood of the school. She told me that a lot of kids didn’t show up to school the day after, for fear of ICE raids. Many of the children’s parents are undocumented. They had to make a plan for what a child was to do should a parent not be there after school to pick him or her up. 

Some of the fears haven’t been realized, others have. 

The point for this journal is that this week – ostensibly this journal is about my doctoral journey, not my political takes – is not going to be a productive one. Thankfully I’ve already completed my assignments for the week (mostly), and am well ahead on my final papers (mostly). So I can give myself a bit of a break. It’s honestly not the kind of break I’d prefer to give myself, but it’s just hard to concentrate on much else. 

As I write this, the election results are unknown and may not be known for a while. I’m hoping that results are known and disseminated in a responsible manner within a day or a few days. 

Thursday (11/5/2020)

Update: this has not been a productive week. I’ve been refreshing twitter way too much for my liking. Clearly the productiveness of my week is not an important implication in any way shape or form, but nevertheless that’s the update. 

Saturday (11/7/2020)

And now it’s been officially called. I’m looking forward to next week where I have a pair of presentations and a sense of stability.