This page serves as a sort of journal for Geoff’s doctoral program, separate from the Emergentmath blog. Here, Geoff will share thoughts and reflections on classes, insights into literature and other PhD-related musings. While you’re here, feel free to explore Geoff’s main blog, various “miniseries,” and select blog posts. Here’s is Geoff’s About Me page.

Week 1

Belonging (8/26)
Math as a(n unwilling) participant in restorative circles (8/28)

Week 2

Urgent vs. Important (9/2)
Implications for Remote Assessments (9/4)

Week 3

Homeostasis and Having Kittens (9/8)
Teacher beliefs are not enough (9/10)

Week 4

Writing Everyday (9/15)
A Lack of Problem-Posing in Math Textbooks (9/17)

Week 5

You guys are so smart
A protocol for emerging bilingual problem solvers

Week 6

Researchers are people too
Kazemi & Stipek’s (2001) Press for Learning