The following task is probably best suited for the a beginning unit on Geometric Constructions or use of a compass and straight edge. However, you may also wish to use it as a fun review as students reenter your classrooms in January, groggy from two weeks of sleeping late.

The task is adapted from the NCTM Illuminations task “Dividing a Town into Pizza Delivery Regions” (membership required). Students are asked to split a town into delivery regions based on proximity. We’re hoping to get students to use a compass and straight edge to construct overlapping circles.

I adapted it by making it local to my area (using a simple search of “Domino’s Pizza” on Google Maps. I then split it into a warm up in which students identify which Domino’s Pizza four specific locations would go to. From there, students are given a larger map and asked to generalize the regions (that’s where the constructions and tools come in). The other adaptation is simply a solicitation for the map and a written explanation for that map.

Here’s the task: [Pizza Delivery Regions]

And in the spirit of good assessment practices, here’s the rubric I’ll use.

[Pizza Delivery Regions Rubric]

Feel free to share in the comments how you’d adapt the task even further. And if you do so and implement the task, feel free to email me ( and share some student work. It’s always appreciated.

As an aside, I’m starting to feel a bit odd about how often I blog about pizza….

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