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Just how silly is a 45-day weather forecast? And while we’re at it, just how good is a 2-day forecast?

Artifact I’ve got bad news for everyone here in the Fort Collins area: there’s a chance of showers on Labor Day (September 2). It’s a shame because the following Monday (September 9) shows a mostly sunny day, with a high … Continue reading

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How does one provide the complex data of global warming to students?

Update (3/12/2013): An atmospheric scientist friend of mine, Katie, suggested a few edits to this post, primarily to clear up a few of the tools listed here. The edits are in bold. My initial thesis on this post was originally … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t want to relive the 2000 election? (Stats problem)

We’ll take a slight detour from my college readiness manifesto (that hasn’t even really started yet) to bring you the following election-related problem. Then again, this problem was lifted directly from a graduate level Statistics class, so this might give … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t Nike+ use math to encourage me to run?

Artifact The Nike+ app, which at the end of my run the other day, looked like this: (editor’s note: yes, I’m slow. Thank you for noticing.¬†Also, along with some encouragement in data format, I had Tim Tebow give me words … Continue reading

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Attention Math Teachers: Slate has graciously discovered your next project’s always entertaining “The Explainer” segment runs an always-even-more entertaining year-end segment on the Unanswered Questions of the Year in which readers are prompted to vote on the question to be answered (aside: say, that’s a pretty awesome activity for … Continue reading

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Do NFL teams actually use that draft pick chart when trading draft picks?

The 2011 National Football League draft of players is tomorrow, and I was inspired by a really interesting post over on Mr. Honner’s blog regarding the NFL Draft Pick Trade Value chart and exponential decay. The gist is this: somewhere, … Continue reading

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The Dallas Mavericks are 2-16 in playoff games officiated by Danny Crawford. Is this statistically significant?

Artifact. This shocked me. The Mavs have a 2-16 record in playoff games officiated by Crawford, including 16 losses in the last 17 games. Dallas is 48-41 in the rest of their playoff games during the ownership tenure of Mark … Continue reading

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