Just like last year, here’s a compendium of math blog posts that inspired folks who were kind enough to respond to my carrion call. This isn’t an edublog award; it’s not a listicle. It’s simply a compilation of math blog posts that happened to find their way to my doorstep offered by peers who happened to find their way to my doorstep.

Feel free to download, edit, add to, and distribute to whom you see fit. Or just curl up with your favorite e-reader and some egg-nog.

One last imploration: please do follow the thoughtful blogs that are here. You’re seeing just a scratching of the surface with this text. Moreover, follow the folks who they follow. Because for every post you see here, there are dozens that are just as thoughtful and inspiring just a mouse-click or finger-tap away.

Table of Contents


The Unengageables, Dan … 6
Deconstructing a Lesson Activity – Part 2, Fawn … 8
Everything that’s wrong with traditional grading in one table, Scott … 14
Two-Column Proofs that Two-Column Proofs are Terrible, Ben … 15
Gender and Mathematics, Kate … 20
My Three Cents on the Common Core, Fawn … 23
What Does it Mean to Understand Mathematics?, Robert … 25
Kids Summarizing, Ben … 28
The idea is the easy part, Jason … 31
The Tests Matter, Kate … 32
Dear Parents, Frank … 34
It’s time for this meme to die, Michael … 35
The association of tracking and self-concept, Daniel … 36
Out of Class Interventions – Never Look Back, Michael … 38
The Real Flip, David … 40
Making a Gift More Valuable, Kate … 40
Rules of (iPad) Engagement, Jonathan … 44
Inverse Problems in Education, Jason … 47
Blogging > Twitter, Michael … 50
Direct Instruction V. Inquiry Learning, Round Eleventy Million, Dan … 51
SBG: My Standards, Assessments, and Thoughts on Grading, Daniel … 55
A Critical Ingredient Missing From My Math Blogging, Geoff … 58


When I Let Them Own the Problem, Fawn … 61
26 Questions You Can Ask Instead, Max … 70
Partitive fraction division, Christopher … 72
Imbalance Problems, Paul … 73
Conics Hide and Seek, FracTad … 75
Quadratic Frames – Totally Nguyening, Julie … 76
Introducing Conic Sections, Sam … 78
One way to introduce ratios so they make sense to students, Nicora … 81
Made4Math – Function Operations, @druinok … 82
Protocols for Mathematical Discussions, Jeff … 84
Coupon Composition: Just In Time For The Holidays, Scott … 86
Weekly POPs, Andrew … 89
When Desmos Fails, Patrick … 92
Open Letter to Sal Khan, Christopher … 95
Projectile Projects, Audrey … 97
[Makeover] Ferris Wheel, Dan … 104
[Makeover] Low Arching Bridge: The Makeover, Andrew … 109


An Encouraging Thought, Timon … 118
The Pain and the Glory: Running Iowa’s BIG Competency Based School, Shawn … 119
Routines, Langermath … 121
Measurement, explored, Christopher … 123
Day 62: Explorations and Lack of Effort, Justin … 129
Learning is a Fluorescent Light, Ben … 131
#DuckFace, John … 133
Mistakes, Radicals, Rational Exponents and Partitioning?, Michael … 136

Editable .docx version: Math Blogging Retrospectus 2013

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