Geoff is committed to delivering high quality math professional development and coaching resulting in positive outcomes for students. Geoff currently offers three general PD formats: workshops (virtual and in-person), coaching cycles, and keynote speaking. A few areas of expertise are the following:
— Alternative assessment and using student work to drive professional development
— Academic Safety
— Problem Based Learning
Each experience is customized according to the context of the school or district. If you’d prefer, you can contact Geoff directly to inquire about any of these options or read more below.

In-person experiences are based on Geoff’s availability and capacity to deliver high quality professional development. Please consider reaching out to Geoff to establish potential dates once you have identified them.

In a commitment to delivering high quality PD equitably, Geoff offers reduced rates for schools with high populations of students enrolled in the federal Free and Reduced Student Lunch program. For a CV, including past publications and presentations, see Geoff’s About page.


Workshops are a one- or two-day professional development experience. Each workshop is customized to meet the school or district’s need. Workshops are accompanied by pre-planning and follow-up with a point person (such as a department head, academic coordinator, etc.) to ensure that real, sustainable change may occur. Each workshop also is accompanied by leave-behind physical and digital materials to help teachers and teams enact long-lasting change. This option might work best with in-service days or other dedicated PD days throughout the school year.

Click on the button beneath each description to learn more about specific takeaways and learning targets for each workshop.

Coaching Cycles

On-going in-person and remote coaching is one of most effective ways of changing and improving math instruction. Coaching teachers helps foster a trusting relationship such that teachers can receive personalized and timely feedback on lessons, facilitation moves, assessments, and other crucial aspects of instruction.

Geoff has significant experience coaching math departments as well as whole schools. Typically, a coaching cycle will occur over the course of a semester or school year and involve multiple on-site days delivering workshops, observing teachers, and meeting with teachers one-on-one. In addition, Geoff meets with individuals or PLCs in between on-site days to offer feedback, inspiration, problem-solving sessions, or just an empathetic voice. If your school or district could use intensive math support for teachers, this could be an excellent option.

Coaching cycles are highly customized depending on schools’ needs and Geoff’s capacity to deliver high quality coaching.

Keynote Addresses

Geoff is an experienced and impassioned speaker. He has delivered addresses at conferences on various topics to various audiences, in-person and remotely. Typically, Geoff offers breakout sessions accompanying each keynote address so participants may dig deeper into the material. Check out Geoff’s topics below.